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Mi goreng Indomie Instant Noodle

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Mi Goreng Cup Noodle Indomie - 1 box
Mi Goreng Cup Noodle Indomie - 1 box
Reg:  $9.99
Indomie Instant Noodle
Indomie Instant Noodle
Reg:  $0.45
Indomie Chicken Curry Noodles
Indomie Chicken Curry Noodles
Reg:  $0.45
Indomie Instant Noodles Onion Chicken Flavor
Indomie Instant Noodles Onion Chicken Flavor
Reg:  $0.45
Mi goreng is an originated from Indonesia. Word Mi means noodle, goreng means fried in Indonesian language, so together mi goreng means fried noodle or more famously known as chow mein. Produced by Indomie Noodle, the leading instant noodle in Indonesia and its product consumed all over the world. Originally Indomie produce only soup type of Instant noodle, however, their next invention bring to the next level. The unique taste of Mi goreng gain so much popularity from many. This product is Halal to accommodate the majority of Indonesian population.

For those whom are curious about how it taste, well, it is somewhat similar to any fried noodle but interestingly different. Chewy texture of curly noodle, with garlic aroma oil mixed with sweet soy sauce and fried garlic creating magically tasty flavor. I know, still it's instant noodle right? I'll let you be the judge and try it yourself, i'm sure you'll fall in love with it.

Noodle is packed in export quality packaging with multi language cooking direction and according to US import standard quality.

Contains: Noodle, flavoring, oil and sweet soy sauce, and chili powder.

Net Wt: 2.97 oz.
Made in Indonesia

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Brand: Indomie
Product of: Indonesia
Availability: Usually ships in 3-4 business days

How to cook Indomie Mi Goreng

1. Boil Water in a small pan.

2. Once boiled, add noodle.

3. Mix seasoning powder, oil, soy sauce and chili powder(optional) on a plate.*

4. Simmer for about 3 minutes.

5. Remove noodle and drain well.

6. Add noodle to the plate and mix well with the seasoning.

Now your delicious Mi goreng is ready to serve.

* Chili powder is optional, so use as needed. You may add other ingredient to complement your mi goreng. There are many different ingredients that can be add to complement Mi goreng.
Most common ones are, steamed or boiled veggies such as, bok choy, cabbage or brocolli, poached or fried eggs, Asian meat ball, chinese sausage and many more.

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