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How to choose rice cooker ?

Choosing the right rice cooker is never easy. Even for people who eat and uses rice cookers for all their lives, choosing rice cooker that fits their current needs and style is quite confusing. Most rice cookers (especially the well known brand) will last for a long time so you will want to make sure you choose the right one for you.

These steps will help you get the right rice cooker for you:


  1. What is the right size rice cooker for you?

    Most household rice cookers comes in 3 main sizes. Some may have slightly smaller or slightly bigger capacity but here, we will divide them into 3 major size capacities, which are 3, 5 and 10 cups.

    The terms we are using to measure are by cups which one cup is equals to 8 ounces. 1 cup of rice will make about 1.5 to 2.5 cups cooked rice or steamed rice. Keep in mind these are only an average estimation. The type of rice you are using or the amount of water may play an important role on the result of the cooked rice; however, the result will be approximately close to what we are using here.
    • 3 cups rice cooker

      It means that the rice cooker has the maximum capacity to cook 3 cups of uncooked rice, which are equals to 6 cups of steamed rice. On average this will be good for a small family of 4-5 in one meal.
    • 5.5 cups rice cooker

      Best selling size rice cooker. This rice cooker has the maximum capacity to cook 5 cups of rice, which are equals to 10 cups of steamed rice. On average this amount will feed about 6 to 7 persons for one meal. If you have a smaller family and consume rice more than 1 meal/day then this will be the best choice for you because you’ll only need to cook the rice once a day and most of rice cookers nowadays will have a warmer feature that will keep rice nice and warm for the whole day.
    • 10 cups rice cooker

      This rice cooker has the maximum capacity to cook 10 cups of rice, which are equals to 20 cups of steamed rice. This size will feed about 12-15 person/meal. This rice cooker is right one for if rice is your main ingredient for your daily meals. The warming option will keep the rice warm and nice the whole day and you don’t have to cook rice few times a day. Also if you often entertain or host a party that uses rice in your menu list then this will also be a good choice for you. Keep in mind that having the larger rice cooker doesn’t mean you have to cook your rice to the maximum capacity all the time. You may cook 1/2 or 1/3 of the capacity and result will be the same.
  2. The features in the rice cooker

    Many rice cookers that are on the market today have a very advance feature to cook rice. Many rice cookers will ease you the process of cooking different kinds rice such as, sushi rice, brown rice, risotto, porridge, GABA brown rice. Well, not only that, some of the rice cooker even have features to make cake and steamed vegetable.

    The newer rice cooker can even help you to differ your rice texture, regular, softer or harder.

    With so many features offered on rice cookers it might get you lost with question marks in your head. The questions you have to ask yourself when it comes to features are:
    • How is your rice consumption? Do you eat different kind of rice or just basic one kind?
    • Are you technology friendly? Some newer rice cooker with many features will at least require you to learn how to navigate them.
    • Do you really need that features or you are just a simple basic rice kind of person.
    All answers to that question will help you determine which rice cooker to choose. Keep in mind the more features it has the higher the price will be.

    Once again we will categories these rice cookers in 3 main group.
    • Basic feature
      If you just cooked white steamed rice everyday with your meal then this is the one for you. Rather than spending more money and dealing with learning to operate the rice cooker maybe you would rather spend more time and money on your dishes cooking. This kind of rice cooker is easy to use, mostly are just one click and cook. That’s it. Don’t be turned down yet when you hear basic. Nowadays, there are a lot of basic rice cookers that comes with features that are essence to daily use of rice cooker such as: keep warm feature, non-stick interior, main setting to cook white rice. Even if once in a while you want to cook different kind of rice you may still do so with this type of rice cooker. You just need put the right amount of water and you will get the same good and fluffy steamed brown rice.

      The basic category rice cooker is normally lower in price, simpler design and easier to use.
    • Semi-advanced feature
      This category of rice cooker normally uses a microcomputer in the rice cooker to give a more advance features to use. Most of them have an LCD display for you to navigate the functions. The standard features for this category are: Non-stick pan, keep warm, timer, melody signal when rice is cooked, cooking different kind of rice. Each individual model might have different features such as extended keep warm, retractable cable and more.

      This semi-advance category normally have a higher price than the basic category rice cooker, however, the features offered are quite interesting and useful.
    • Advanced feature
      This category of rice cooker uses the newest technology available for rice cooker. One of the newest technology for rice cooker now is Induction heating rice cooker. Click for detail about induction heating (IH). Other features that considered advanced in rice cooker technology is the rice texture feature.
  3. Price that fits your budget!

    I think this is a very important part in choosing rice cooker. You want to buy the rice cooker that is in within your budget. A lot of people are amazed with the features of the rice cookers but many forgets the price that comes along with it. You want to make sure will buy something that are not going regret afterward because you’re going over your budget.
  4. Design that match your style.

    This last feature will also play an important part in choosing a rice cooker. After you buy a rice cooker, you will want to use it as often as you can and when you do that, you will have to it often as well. If you don’t like the looks then you will have to deal with it everyday.

Important tips:
*Please measure your space, make sure you have enough space to operate the rice cooker, such as opening and closing the lid. Also make sure that you have an electrical plug nearby the location.
*The finish/exterior. The exterior materials of current rice cookers are mostly easy to clean so you don’t have to worry about it; however, there are many different colors of rice cooker that you can choose to match your current design and preferences.
Ok, I hope this article will somewhat help you to decide which rice cooker is the right one for you.
Good luck and enjoy your new rice cooker! Happy cooking!

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